Merino Wool Diaper Cover "Peach"

Something very special:
- crafted from 100% GOTS certified organic merino wool.
- plantdyed. The used dyeing material is madder and reseda.
- very limited quantity of one unique colour to ensure that your baby wears something truly one-of-a-kind.

A Pisi Merino Wool Diaper:
- Boasts a luxuriously soft texture.
- Provides exceptional breathability, regulating body temperature to provide comfort in any climate.
- Features gentle elastics for maximum comfort.
- Flaunts a slim cut to ensure an optimal fit without restricting mobility.
- Is crafted from non-toxic, natural and pure materials.
- Effectively contains liquids, providing reliable leak protection.
- Showcases a beautifully crafted design that adds a touch of elegance to diapering routines.

With the understanding that most families require no more than 5-6 diaper covers for full-time cloth diapering, our solution proves to be exceptionally economical.

We offer merino wool diaper cover in 3 sizes:
S (newborn)     3-7kg (6.6-15.4 lbs)
M (One Size)  6-16kg (13.2-35.3 lbs)
L (One Size Plus)  10-19kg (22-42 lbs)
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The size range is approximate and also depends on the inserts you use. Pisi diapers are slim fit and designed to be used with Pisi diaper inserts. If you are using inserts from other brands or if you are using bigger inserts during night, you might need to size up to fit the insert.

To ensure optimal absorbency, simply insert a high-quality absorbent insert, such as our Pisi 100% Cotton Muslin, into the wool cover.

2 layers of GOTS certified organic and mulesing free merino wool.
There may be a tone changes in different areas of the diaper and the actual colour of the diaper may differ slightly from the one in the image as the screens may distort the natural colour. Covers dyed with plants are sometimes unpredictable and can change colour over time - this does not reduce the excellent value of the item but adds uniqueness. Nature is always constantly changing, and so are our pure and natural diaper covers.

Merino wool lets your baby´s skin breathe, is antibacterial and suitable to wear both winter and summer.

Most families need no more than 6 diaper covers to use cloth diapers full time.

- Before using, soak the cover in a lanolin emulsion, and repeat this process every four weeks if used daily. Lanolin, a natural wool fat that shields sheep's coats, works wonders by converting urine into harmless salt and water, reducing the need for frequent washing. Learn how to create the solution.
- Hang the cover to dry between uses; it's truly all you need! Once dry, simply replace with a fresh, clean insert and put it back on your child.
- Wash when it gets soiled or otherwise in every 2-3 weeks- 30°C/86°F gentle hand wash or washing machine wool wash program with a wool wash detergent.
- To prevent possible discoloration, always wash and lanolize diaper covers with noticeable color differences separately.
- Avoid using a dryer, including direct sunlight or hot radiators; opt for air drying instead.
- When wet, shape the item and dry it on a flat surface to maintain its form.
- Expect up to 5% normal wool shrinkage after the first wash.

Estimated delivery times:
US, Canada, Australia 2-3 weeks
EU 1-1.5 weeks