100% Pure Luxury Lanolin

Nourish and Protect: Our extra-pure lanolin is pesticide-free, moisturizing, and repairs dry skin, safe for delicate baby skin.

Transform Wool: Create water-repellent, antibacterial wool items with our premium lanolin, designed for pharmaceutical use.

Easy Application: Simply dissolve in warm water with natural soap for a rejuvenating wool soak.

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Experience the natural benefits of lanolin for wool care excellence.

Lanolin is a natural wool wax that protects sheep's wool and keeps it clean. Lanolin is obtained by washing wool, a yellow wax that melts at about 40°C/104°F. It moisturizes, softens and protects the skin and at the same time allows it to breathe, which is why it is widely used in pharmacy, cosmetics and skin care products. For example, Purelan ointment used during breastfeeding is 100% lanolin.

How does soaking in lanolin water look like:
1. Combine 1 teaspoon of lanolin with an equal amount of pure, natural soap, such as Pisi soap flakes.
2. Dissolve the soap and lanolin in hot boiling water until a white mixture forms, then add it to warm water.
3. Ensure the temperature of the solution remains between 30-40°C/86-104°F (lukewarm) before immersing the woolen object for approximately 5 hours.
4. After soaking, rinse away any soap residue with clean water, gently press out excess water using a cotton towel (avoid twisting), and lay flat to dry."

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